Artists represented by Blue Duna are chosen for their talent, uniqueness, listenability and marketability.

When Blue Duna identifies a promising Artist, we formulate a strategy for success based on the Artist’s career goals. Blue Duna Entertainment will employ every available resource to achieve the desired result: the placement of the Artist into a meaningful revenue-producing contract with a major music industry entity.

Blue Duna is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in the representation and pursuit of career advancement for our clientele.

Blue Duna Entertainment is an Artist Confidential Entertainment Agency. We do not publicize the identity of our clients.

Blue Duna Entertainment


Blue Duna Entertainment is dedicated to fostering authentic World-Music Artists through targeted career planning and development.

Our mission is to discover unique, multi-cultural mixed-language artists, and expose them to a growing world-wide demand.

We carefully guide our Artists through essential career transitions, always mindful of the career goals of the Artist.