“…there was an opportunity to create a company focused on delivering exceptionally rare cultural world music to music lovers and music users around the globe.”


Building a “Talent Bridge” between Central Europe and the United States has been my dream for many years. Blue Duna Entertainment is the realization of that dream.

In 1989 when I first travelled to Hungary as a producer and author, I was blown away by the level of undiscovered talent. Over the years I have helped many Central European Artists realize their dreams of international success, but only unofficially.

In 2015, I made the decision to officially register an international corporation focused on helping Central European musicians to deploy in the USA. I also made a decision to create a team of music professionals to give Blue Duna the tools needed to succeed.

It was in 2017 while negotiating a record deal for a renowned Hungarian guitarist, that I met Entertainment Attorney Mark A. Baker. Soon I was sharing my idea for Blue Duna with Mark, and Blue Duna was incorporated in Florida.

Still, one important part of the puzzle was missing. A European based partner to manage the day to day operations in Hungary and the surrounding territories. I could only hope for one person that was a perfect fit for us; Istvan Alapi, with whom I had worked in the music business over the past 28 years.

After sharing my imagination for Blue Duna Entertainment with Istvan, he became an equity partner, and the rest is history in the making.

Mark, Istvan and I continue to develop strategies and solutions for the artists and recording industry professionals with whom we partner.

-Jeff Leone, Founder, Blue Duna Entertainment

Blue Duna Entertainment


Blue Duna Entertainment is dedicated to fostering authentic World-Music Artists through targeted career planning and development.

Our mission is to discover unique, multi-cultural mixed-language artists, and expose them to a growing world-wide demand.

We carefully guide our Artists through essential career transitions, always mindful of the career goals of the Artist.