“The importance of excellent lyrics cannot be overstated. It means the difference between success and failure in the Western music market.”


Blue Duna Entertainment employs a network of experienced Producers, Songwriters and Session musicians in support of our client’s needs.

PRODUCTION SERVICES: A great record producer is essential to achieve a great recording. Blue Duna Entertainment is proud to represent and offer some of Europe’s most accomplished producers. Regardless of your music style, we can supply you with an established and proven record producer for your project.

SESSION MUSICIANS: World-Class musicians are available through Blue Duna’s network. For every genre and style, we are equipped to support your recordings with the most talented musicians and session players in Central Europe. If you need full accompaniment, or just a hot guitar or piano solo for your project, we can help.

VOCAL DETAILING: English coaching and vocal production services are extremely important for bands and singers who are breaking into English speaking markets. If English is not your singer’s primary language, it is essential to make every effort to remove unwanted accent and poor pronunciation before recording. The nuance of phrasing, accent and pronunciation of an English language vocal track is a most important component of your music if you want to break out of your home country. Most of the time, pronunciation mistakes remain undetected until after the recording is mastered, when it is too late to correct. Blue Duna provides artists with native-English speaking producers who will assure that your English vocal tracks are as clean as they can be.

TEXT WRITING: Text strengthening and lyric writing is another important service provided by Blue Duna. Professional lyric writers are available to strengthen your lyrics, rendering the most professional, ear-worthy and powerful lyrical content and hooks for your songs. It is extremely difficult to write meaningful and marketable lyrical content in a secondary language. The importance of this point cannot be overstated. It may mean the difference between your success and failure outside of your home country.

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Blue Duna Entertainment


Blue Duna Entertainment is dedicated to fostering authentic World-Music Artists through targeted career planning and development.

Our mission is to discover unique, multi-cultural mixed-language artists, and expose them to a growing world-wide demand.

We carefully guide our Artists through essential career transitions, always mindful of the career goals of the Artist.