Licensing & Sync

Creative strategies employed, exploiting licensing-based revenue streams such as movie, television, commercial, stage, internet and all media.

Artist Placement

The ‘Placement’ of Artists into meaningful recording, distribution and publishing deals, using a strategic, solicited approach and engaging established music industry decision makers.

Planning & Management

Focused career guidance provided by experienced entertainment professionals, regarding all aspects of our client’s entertainment career.

Entertainment Law

Entertainment Law department provides artist placement, deal shopping, legal review, contract interpretation and guidance regarding opportunities presented to our clients.

Production Assistance

Experienced, proven session musicians, producers and lyric writers are available through Blue Duna’s network. For every genre and style, we are equipped to support your recordings with the most talented musicians and session players in Central Europe.

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Blue Duna Entertainment


Blue Duna Entertainment is dedicated to fostering authentic World-Music Artists through targeted career planning and development.

Our mission is to discover unique, multi-cultural mixed-language artists, and expose them to a growing world-wide demand.

We carefully guide our Artists through essential career transitions, always mindful of the career goals of the Artist.